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Verdant Community Programs

Did you know that Verdant Health Commission offers a host of onsite and virtual services? In this month’s newsletter, we’re spotlighting two of our vital, in-house support resources—Case Management and Cooking Demonstrations.

Case Management:

Verdant’s Community Social Worker, Nancy Budd, MSW, provides ongoing case management services to clients with a variety of social service needs. She works in partnership with each person, helping them to identify and achieve their unique, individualized goals. Nancy coordinates with clients’ other providers to bridge service gaps and ensure a collaborative approach to improving health and wellness. This work is exemplified through Verdant’s partnership with Swedish Edmonds, a collaborative effort to provide warm referrals for inpatient clients as they are discharged from the hospital. Nancy works onsite at Swedish once per week, building rapport with clients and improving the likelihood they will continue to engage in services after hospitalization. To learn more about case management, contact Nancy directly at nancy.budd@verdanthealth.org.

Cooking Demonstrations:

Verdant knows that balanced nutrition is key to health and wellness. That’s why we offer an ongoing series of free cooking demonstrations, each of which is taught by a registered dietitian. Classes are offered either virtually or in a hybrid format and give attendees a chance to learn new recipes and discover healthy alternatives to classic dishes. Plus, participants have the opportunity as ask a registered dietitian questions on the spot!

This year, upcoming cooking demo topics include How to Meet Your Fiber Goals, Three Ways to Eat Broccoli, Mindful Eating for Kids, and much more. To view the schedule and access a link to register, visit https://verdanthealth.org/classes-resources.