Cancellation of  HVAC RFP 10/20/22

Updated RFP

Kruger Clinic Full HVAC Replacement 9/13/22

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Architectural and Design Services

The Swedish Kruger Medical Center is 44,776 sq. feet and contains various medical and dental tenants. There was some minor renovation work completed in 2009, but no substantial renovations have been completed since the building was constructed. Verdant has worked with a consultant to complete an artistic rendering of a facility update and seeks an architect to move this vision towards implementation. Verdant requires final stamped drawings and construction specifications to support artistic renderings; discussions with, and presentations to, Verdant representatives to advance the project, approve various stages of completion and authorize payment. Verdant also requires an architect who will interact with and provide consultation to the general contractor during construction phase of the project.

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Roof Replacement

The District seeks a vendor to tear off and replace Roof A and Roof B for the Swedish Kruger Medical Building located at 21600 Hwy 99, Edmonds, WA 98026.

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