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Remembering Fred Langer, Public Hospital District #2 Commissioner

On December 17th, 2021, after a private 3-year battle with cancer, Fred Langer, a former member of the board of commissioners for Public Hospital District No. 2, Snohomish County, which operates as Verdant Health Commission, passed away. He resigned from his position in October 2021 to focus on his health.

Langer will be memorialized for his 24 years of distinguished service to the South Snohomish County. He began his service in 1998 as a commissioner for what was then Steven’s Hospital. Langer was an instrumental part in negotiating the lease of the hospital to the Swedish Healthcare system and in the formation of the Verdant Health Commission. Since Verdant’s inception in 2011, approximately $59 million has been invested into health programs and services for the South Snohomish County community and its residents.

“From the fight and long process to turn Stevens from an ongoing concern, expanding the Board, creating Verdant from scratch, and nurturing the district through many transitions, Fred has created a legacy few can reach,” says Deana Knutsen, a former co-commissioner of Fred who currently chairs the Program Committee of the Board. “He has touched many people’s lives in his 24+ years as a public servant and a person with heart and vision. I feel blessed to have known and worked with Fred all these years.”

“The Verdant Health Commission came to be because of the leadership of Commissioner Langer and his ability to find consensus and incorporate the ideas of his fellow commissioners. We are committed to continuing the substantial work that he envisioned – providing great healthcare to the residents in our community,” said Lisa Edwards, Superintendent of Verdant Health Commission.

Carolyn Brennan was elected in November to fill his seat on Public Hospital District 2’s Board of Commissioners. She was sworn in on November 24th, 2021.

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