Practice good emotional health this holiday season

Recognize that this year’s holiday season will be different than years past. What are some strategies to keep in mind to help you and your loved ones?

  • Focus on what works for you to keep your thoughts positive: journaling, exercising, practicing your faith, meditation, etc.
  • Prioritize sleep. Self-care also should include fitness that works for you, good nutrition, and daily routines.
  • Phone calls or video chats can help you and your loved ones feel socially connected, less lonely, or isolated.
  • Think about what you normally do during holiday gatherings and if you can replicate it with your immediate family unit. Or, maybe it’s best to abandon the normal tradition this year and try something completely different.
  • Understand that mental health and substance use issues can result in a range of symptoms and unpredictable behavior. Encourage anyone struggling to seek support from family, friends, or professional resources if needed.