woman buying tomatoes farmers market

Increasing Access to Healthy Foods Through Fruit & Vegetable Vouchers

A key piece of building a healthier community is ensuring that everyone has equitable access to nutritious food. However, many of our neighbors’ experience food and nutrition insecurity. This lack of access to fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods put individuals at higher risk for many health challenges, including heart disease, diabetes, and some mental health disorders.[1] Additionally, food and nutrition insecurity disproportionately impact marginalized communities. Nationwide in 2021, 20% of Black households and 16% of Latino households experienced food insecurity as compared to only 7% of white households.

At Verdant Health Commission, we’re working to improve access to healthy foods through our Fruit & Vegetable Voucher Program. In this work, we partner with a variety of local organizations to provide vouchers to individuals and families experiencing food insecurity in South Snohomish County. The vouchers are provided in conjunction with a nutrition or healthy cooking class and can be used at a local grocery store to purchase fresh produce.  The Verdant team has heard from numerous community groups and individuals that as inflation is raising food costs, fruits and vegetables have become a luxury item and as a result, families are having to make difficult choices about how to buy groceries. These vouchers and are intended to remove the financial barriers that keep many of our neighbors from being able to purchase and eat healthy, nutritious foods.

If you are interested in learning more about our Fruit & Vegetable Voucher Program, please reach out to Annika Sahota, Community Engagement Specialist at Verdant,  annika.sahota@verdanthealth.org.