Focus on improving COVID-19 vaccine access includes earlier notice, expanded hours

The Snohomish County Vaccine Taskforce is working to improve access to COVID-19 vaccines. Changes are being implemented this week so appointments can be posted with more notice, and hours are being expanded to offer options such as weekends and evenings. Special clinics also are being arranged to allow people who have had a first dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines to arrange for a second dose, particularly if they somehow missed an earlier appointment.

Key changes this week include:

  • VACCINE APPOINTMENTS FOR APRIL 27-MAY 2: Appointments now posted for this week at: Arlington Airport, Monroe Fairgrounds, Boom City, and Ash Way Park & Ride. Registration:

While some areas of the state and country are reporting declines in interest in vaccination against COVID-19, “all the indicators in Snohomish County are the majority of folks here do want to be vaccinated,” Jason Biermann, the county’s emergency management director, told a media briefing Tuesday.

The changes being made recognize that offering vaccinations outside regular work hours, particularly evenings and weekends, may be necessary to fit many schedules.

Vaccination is key to the community beating COVID, and many people waited patiently since the vaccines first became available in December for their turn for eligibility, Biermann said.

Everyone 16 and up can now be vaccinated, and there are plenty of appointments.

“Please don’t miss your shot at getting your shot,” Biermann said.