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Community Grants: Millennia Ministries

Millennia Ministries helps people in our community with basic needs. The organization has lots of compassion for people in the community who are facing hardships and we’re proud to partner with them.

They have advocated for housing referrals, delivered groceries, provide meals, and helped people in times of emergency. Their program: Surviving to Thriving, assists members in our community who received housing vouchers to transition into their new lives. The Surviving to Thriving Program provide a set of classes such as trauma healing, community navigation, budgeting, and homeownership.

During the times of COVID, Millennia Ministries saw children in the BIPOC community needing assistance in online schooling. Some children needed access to a computer and internet. Millenia Ministries was able to help and provide tutoring for those children over zoom.

Millennia Ministries shared a story of one of the individuals they helped transition into a stable lifestyle. The individual was a domestic violence survivor and had children. They were able to receive a housing voucher and they joined the Surviving to Thriving program. They went through the classes included into the program. Millennia Ministries saw a lot of potential within them and hired them to join their team. They were able to understand the other clients and what they were going through while in the program. Millennia Ministries was able to assist them in transforming their lives from being homeless to a life full of determination and growth.

“We want to empower people by promoting access and their right to an equitable and equal belonging in our society.” – Leonard Jackson, Millennia Ministries

We are truly amazed by the work our partners do with empathy and care for our members in the community.