COVID-19 drive-thru testing clinic with patient being tested

Upcoming drive-thru COVID testing events near you – UPDATED LOCATIONS

The Verdant Health Commission and Medical Teams International will partner with local organizations to host free, drive-thru, non-invasive COVID-19 testing events on five dates during the month of December. The next events take place:

Increased Capacity

Verdant and Medical Teams have increased testing capacity at these events by adding staffing to reduce wait times. Typically, 250-300 people are tested per event. However, capacity for each testing event will vary based on location restrictions and staffing. Signage will be posted to indicate wait times for participants.

Increased volunteers will also help improve the flow of vehicles and communication during the events. Community members interested in volunteering should complete the Medical Teams volunteer application.

“We appreciate the community’s interest in our free COVID testing events and are committed to increasing capacity for testing at future events,” Verdant Superintendent Lisa Edwards said. “We would like to serve as many as possible. The process of completing the patient information is important for accurate testing, and we appreciate your patience and understanding.”

Reminders Before Testing

These events are intended to reduce barriers to testing, including symptom checks, insurance requirements, and access for people with transportation challenges.

  • It is possible to have COVID-19 and not be symptomatic, which could result in unintentionally spreading the virus to others, so these events do not require symptom checks.
  • This event is free to everyone, regardless of insurance coverage. If you have insurance, please bring your insurance card, as providing that information will preserve grant funds to cover the costs for those without insurance.
  • While this is a drive-thru event, walk-ups will be served to support people traveling by bus or foot.

What to Expect During Testing

Medical Teams staff will register each person from their vehicle. For infection control purposes, clients will not touch the registration paperwork. Please bring your ID and health insurance cards if you have insurance.

Tests are sent to the University of Washington and results can easily be accessed online with a code that is provided at the testing site. Test results are available two to five days after the test, however results may be available in as soon as 24-48 hours.

The testing method used is anterior nasal swabbing, resulting in less discomfort than other methods. About 1 cm of the swab is inserted into one nostril at a time and rotated for about 10 seconds. The test is safe for anyone age 2 and older.

To learn more about these events, contact Jennifer Piplic, director of marketing and communication at Verdant: or 425-582-8600.