blue zone map

The Blue Zones

At the intersection of health and culture, we find the Blue Zones. You may have heard of the Blue Zones before, or it might be the first time you are introduced to this phenomenon. The Blue Zones are composed of five regions within Europe, Latin America, Asia, and the United States.  

Within these zones, researchers have observed some peculiar consistencies. They noticed that the people within the Blue Zones are some of the healthiest and longest-lived in comparison to the rest of the world.  But what exactly is going on in these regions that has led to flourishing health, wellness, and longevity? 

Research shows that it isn’t some magical force, but rather, the way the people in these regions choose to live. Their cultural, behavioral, social, and dietary practices have a significant influence on their health and lifespan.  From living in tight-knit communities that emphasize the importance of social relationships to consumption of homegrown and locally sourced foods, the Blue Zones are home to people who live a little bit differently. 

We invite you to take this exploration one step further and travel virtually to one, or all five, of the Blue Zones. We will be hosting informative cooking demonstrations throughout the year highlighting specific regions within the Blue Zones and the unique characteristics of each of these communities. 


Click on the links below to find more information on how to register for each individual class.

Nicoya, Costa Rica:  March 31st 

Ikaria, Greece: June 2nd 

Loma Linda, USA: August 4th 

Sardinia, Italy: October 6th 

Okinawa, Japan: November 3rd