To address the fast-changing landscape of the Internet and the way residents communicate and obtain information online, the Verdant Health Commission may use social media tools to reach a broader audience. Verdant encourages the use of social media to further the goals of Verdant and its mission, where appropriate.

Verdant has an overriding interest and expectation in deciding what is “said” on behalf of Verdant on social media sites. As such, this policy establishes guidelines for the use of social media.

Account Management

The Director of Marketing & Communications, with support from other staff as needed, will be responsible for the creation, content and upkeep of any social media sites. The Director of Marketing & Communications will designate appropriate staff to serve in a backup capacity. The creation of sites will be approved by the Superintendent.

Acceptable Use

Wherever possible, all Verdant social media sites shall comply with all appropriate policies and standards, including but not limited to the Email and Internet Policy and the website’s Terms of Use. Social media use is for business communication and for the purpose of fulfilling job duties, in accordance with Verdant goals and objectives, not for personal use.

Employee Conduct

Verdant social media sites shall comply with the Employee Handbook and administrative rules.

A summary of the key points of ethical social media conduct are included below:

  1. Individual protection and respect are paramount.
  2. We will use every effort to keep our interactions factual and accurate.
  3. We will strive for transparency and openness in our interactions and will never seek to “spin” information for our benefit.
  4. We will provide links to credible sources of information to support our interactions, when possible.
  5. We will publicly correct any information we have communicated that is later found to be in error and apologize when appropriate.
  6. We are honest about our relationship, opinions and identity.
  7. We respect the rules of the venue.
  8. We protect privacy and permissions.


All content must be accurate and up-to-date, including source links whenever possible. The content posted by Verdant must also adhere to the Verdant Graphic Standards and Style Guide. See “Citizen Conduct” for information about acceptable commenting practices and the removal of content/comments.

Legal Issues

Verdant social media sites are subject to State of Washington public records laws and Verdant’s Records & Retention Policy. Any content maintained in a social media format that is related to Verdant business, including a list of subscribers and posted communication, is a public record. Verdant is responsible for responding completely and accurately to any public records request for public records on social media. Content related to Verdant business shall be maintained in an accessible format and so that it can be produced in response to a request. Wherever possible, such sites shall clearly indicate that any articles and any other content posted or submitted for posting are subject to public disclosure. Users shall be notified that public disclosure requests must be directed to Verdant’s Public Records Administrator.

Citizen Conduct

Users and visitors to social media sites shall be notified that the intended purpose of the site is to serve as a mechanism for communication between Verdant and members of the community. Verdant social media site articles and comments containing any of the following forms of content shall not be allowed:

  • Comments not topically related to the particular social medium article being commented upon;
  • Profane language or content or clearly “mean-spirited” comments
  • Content that promotes, fosters, or perpetuates discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, age, religion, gender, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, national origin, physical or mental disability or sexual orientation;
  • Sexual content or links to sexual content;
  • Solicitations of commerce;
  • Conduct or encouragement of illegal activity;
  • Comments in support of or opposition to candidates for public office, other political campaigns or ballot measures;
  • Information that may tend to compromise the safety or security of the public or public systems; or
  • Content that violates a legal ownership interest of any other party.

These guidelines must be displayed to users and/or made available by hyperlink. Any content removed based on these guidelines must be retained, including the time, date and identity of the poster when available.

Verdant reserves the right to restrict or remove any content that is deemed in violation of this social media policy or any applicable law.  Verdant will monitor any user-generated content as it chooses and reserves the right to remove content for any reason whatever, without consent.  If you have a complaint about a posting, please contact the Director of Marketing & Communications at Verdant at (425) 582-8558.