Now accepting proposals under behavioral health prevention initiative

The Verdant Health Commission is now accepting funding proposals under a new behavioral health prevention initiative. As part of a comprehensive needs assessment, Verdant determined that behavioral health was one of the top community needs, and the purpose of this funding availability is to support programs in South Snohomish County that prevent substance abuse and mental illness.


Funding Detail and Criteria

Verdant is specifically seeking proposals that focus on prevention, including those that:

  • Prevent adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and/or mitigate their impact;
  • Promote resiliency and well-being in persons that are at risk of mental illness or those that are dealing with mental illness or substance abuse early in its emergence;
  • Intervene before individuals need intensive recovery or treatment services.

Proposals will also be evaluated for:

  • Prevention focus
  • Links to evidence-based approaches and outcome measurements
  • Collaborations between multiple entities
  • Connections beyond traditional mental health service organizations to other health, public, private, and informal organizations
  • Budget appropriateness and use of funds
  • Population Focus


Application Materials and Deadline

Detailed descriptions of funding guidelines, criteria, and application materials can be found on Verdant’s website: Questions may also be directed to George Kosovich at (425) 582-8572 or

The application deadline is Friday, October 3, 2014 at 12 p.m. Verdant held an information session describing the funding availability on Friday, September 12. Applicants were not required to attend the information session to apply for funding, but the slides presented and FAQs produced as a result of the information session are available to view.


Behavioral Health Prevention Initiative: Questions and Answers

1. What type of projects is Verdant seeking to fund through its Behavioral Health Prevention Initiative, and how is this different from its other grant programs?

The unique opportunity with this initiative is the focus on prevention for families at risk of mental illness or individuals and families dealing with mental illness or substance abuse early in its emergence. Rather than focusing on direct treatment or recovery programs, Verdant is seeking proposals that address prevention activities for mental illness and substance abuse. The Institute on Medicine Prevention model provides a framework illustrating these types of programs. More information on the framework is available in Preventing Mental, Emotional and Behavioral Disorders Among Young People (click on framework illustrated below to view larger version).


Although Verdant has previously funded programs related to behavioral health prevention, the creation of this initiative puts these items as a top priority in 2014-2016. While Verdant continues to review program applications for one-time or multi-year health and wellness programs focused on prevention, education & empowerment, access to healthcare, and policy & advocacy, funding requests that relate specifically to behavioral health prevention received after October 3, 2014 may not be considered.

2. How do I submit an application?

Applications and supporting materials, including an application checklist are available for download at Applications must be sent via e-mail to by the deadline on Friday, October 3, 2014 at 12 p.m. Late applications will not be accepted.

3. How much funding is available, and is there a minimum or maximum grant size?

In total, Verdant expects to make $500,000 per year of grants available for 2 or 3 years of funding. There is not a minimum or maximum grants size, but Verdant expects to fund multiple projects through this funding availability.

4. Are there limitations on how the funds can be used?

Funds must be used to meet the health and wellness needs of South Snohomish County residents. Funds will not be awarded for the benefit of an individual person, for political or religious uses, to retire debt, or strictly for fundraising purposes.