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Master mystifier — zucchini squash

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Isn’t it clear to everyone that those who don’t already love zucchini, just haven’t prepared it right? The seasonal summer squash peaks in June through August, but can sometimes be harvested year-round, making it convenient and affordable for the average consumer. Remember Grandma’s zucchini bread, where no vegetable could be detected whatsoever? Zucchini has long been coveted for its neutral taste and versatility. Not only is it rich in fiber, the starchy vegetable also contains essential nutrients like vitamin A and C, manganese and potassium (most hide in the skin, so try to keep it on)! Additionally, a high water content makes the zucchini low in calories while being filling at the same time. Whether it is a moisture additive, texture component, or low-carb starch replacement — a zucchini is sure to add to any meal — in color and health benefits. If you are not a fan, maybe it’s time to rekindle your relationship with the ever-so-lovely zucchini? Perhaps peering at our recipes below will make you want to give it a second chance!


Summer Zucchini Rounds

These little zucchini rounds are great for potlucks, or having ready as a healthy after-school snack for the family.


Zoodles Pad Thai

If you have not yet experienced the magic of zoodles, here’s what I can tell you: it is a culinary life changer. The zucchini seamlessly cooks down into a soft, flexible “noodle”; perfect for decorating with sauces or garnishes you would find in any kind of pasta.


Stuffed Zucchini Flowers

OK, let’s say you are already a zucchini fanatic and have cooked it as many ways as you possibly can. Have you ever thought about eating the flowers? This ingenious recipe could not be more delicious.

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