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Cold Weather Shelters Open

Multiple overnight cold weather shelters are opening early this year in response to cold weather conditions. The overnight cold weather shelters listed below will be open the evenings of Friday October 27th and Saturday October 28th. Starting tomorrow, Cold Weather Shelters | Snohomish County Public Safety Hub ( will be updated daily to show open/closed status for cold weather shelters across Snohomish County. Please direct community partners and those in need of cold weather shelter to the Public Safety Hub to see which cold weather shelters are open on any given night. The cold weather shelter page can be accessed at[heating]. Anyone interested in volunteering can sign-up for a cold weather shelter volunteer training here.

Thank you to our cold weather shelter providers for putting staff and resources in place to open early!

Cold Weather Shelters open Friday October 27th and Saturday October 28th

Everett Gospel Mission

*This is a temporary cold weather shelter location. This will not be the primary cold weather shelter location for the 2023-2024 season.

Serving single men

Address: 3711 Smith Ave, Everett

Intake: 6PM to 8PM


Everett Family Cold Weather Shelter

Serving single women and families with children.

Address: 5126 S. 2nd Ave, Everett

Intake: 4PM to 8PM


Marysville Cold Weather Shelter

Address: 7215 51 Ave. NE, Marysville

Intake: 7PM to 9:30PM


Monroe Cold Weather Shelter

Address: 342 S. Lewis Street, Monroe

Intake: 8PM to 9:30PM


Daytime Warming Centers

The Snohomish County Public Safety Hub also lists daytime warming center locations across Snohomish County. Thank you to Sno-Isle Community Libraries and Everett Public Libraries for providing daytime warming center locations!

Cold Safety Rack Cards

The Snohomish County Health Department has prepared Cold-Weather-and-Power-Outages-Rack-Cards ( which provides helpful cold weather and power outage safety tips. Links can be found on the Public Safety Hub. Printed copies also available for distribution while supplies last. Please contact to coordinate pick-up or delivery if you would like to request a stack of printed rack cards. Priority is for senior centers, community centers, or other locations where community members access public services.