Our Initiatives

Our initiatives focus on topics our 2013 Community Health Needs Assessment identified as opportunities for improvement in South Snohomish County.

Adult Dental Initiative

Untreated dental disease can be painful and debilitating for many community residents and has been linked to other physical health issues like diabetes, heart disease, stroke and adverse pregnancy outcomes. Dental pain is often a common symptom leading to emergency room visits.

In 2013, more than 42,000 people in South Snohomish County did not have dental coverage, equaling approximately 1 in 3 adults. Although public coverage through Medicaid expanded in 2014, many adults still lack access, either because dental coverage is not a required health benefit employers must provide or because the cost is too high.

Verdant’s Focus

A priority of Verdant’s is to support our residents’ ability to get care, especially for those who are uninsured or low-income. For the adult dental initiative, Verdant has chosen to focus on supporting dental programs that serve people without any dental coverage. Many low-income adults receive dental benefits through Medicaid (Apple Health). Verdant is supporting programs that will increase the number of clinics or dentists who provide services to uninsured individuals at discount or using sliding scale fees.

Verdant Programs Supporting Adult Dental

Community Health Center Dental Program
Medical Teams International’s Mobile Dental Clinic
Puget Sound Christian Clinic’s Dental Clinic