Grant Applications

The Verdant Health Commission provides funding for programs matching its priorities. A list of Frequently Asked Questions can be found here: FAQs (pdf).

Types of Funding and How to Apply

1. COVID-19 Response Funding Opportunity

This category provides funding to support access to nutritious food and/or access to mental health services in response to the COVID-19 crisis. On March 23, 2020, Gov. Jay Inslee issued a “Stay Home – Stay Healthy” Order in an effort to minimize COVID-19 exposure, which has been extended to May 4, 2020. This funding opportunity was established to support health and safety and decrease the spread of COVID-19 during this crisis.

Organizations doing this work in South Snohomish County are encouraged to email to learn more about this opportunity.

2. Health Program Funding Application
(New proposals are not currently being accepted.)

This category provides funding to support and expand health and wellness programs in our district. Programs will be selected via a competitive process and are renewable based on performance and results. Details about reopening the application process will be added to this website in 2021. Please check back for details.


3. Building Healthy Communities Fund
(Not currently accepting proposals)

The purpose of the fund is to support projects in two areas: 1) Capital projects that support and promote physical activity through the built environment for residents of Public Hospital District #2 or 2) Capital projects that improve/increase access to preventive primary care, dental care, or behavioral healthcare for vulnerable and underserved residents of Public Hospital District #2.


4. Childhood Obesity Prevention Initiative
(Not currently accepting proposals)

This category provides funding to programs or projects that address or prevent childhood obesity in South Snohomish County in one of the following areas: Promote Policies that Increase Access to Affordable, Healthy Foods; Support Healthy Food and Beverage Choices; Encourage Breastfeeding; Encourage Physical Activity and Limit Sedentary Behavior; Create Safe Communities that Support Physical Activity; and Encourage Communities to Organize for Change.


5. Behavioral Health Prevention Initiative
(Not currently accepting proposals)

As part of a comprehensive needs assessment, Verdant determined that behavioral health was one of the top community needs, and the purpose of this funding availability is to support programs in South Snohomish County that prevent substance abuse and mental illness.


Health Program Funding Application Evaluation Criteria


Category % Total
Connection to Verdant Priority Area
How well did the applicant demonstrate connection between the proposed program and one or more of Verdant’s priority area(s)?
Needs Assessment
How well did the applicant provide current local statistics, agency info or other evidence to document the scope of the problem within Verdant service area?
Target Population
How well did the applicant demonstrate the target population which will be served by the proposed program including clear demonstration of service to residents within the Verdant service area?
Organizational Capacity
How well does the applicant display the organizational capacity necessary to implement their proposed program?
Identification of Other Agencies that Offer This Service/Program
How well did the applicant clearly identify other organizations that address the issue and how the proposed program differs?
Program Activities
How clearly defined were the program activities? Is the proposed program an evidence based program?
Program Rationale
How well does the applicant provide evidence that supports the link between project and its intended results (i.e., is the proposed project evidence-based? Promising practice? Innovative practice?)
Program Outcomes
How well did the application clearly describe the desired outcomes (changes in participants’ attitudes, behaviors or knowledge; desired results of the program?)
Program Evaluation
How well did the applicant indicate how program results or outcomes would be measured including any design or use of tests, scales, surveys, observations, etc.?
How well did the applicant provide an appropriate budget and identify other current funding sources?
How well did the applicant describe their plans for sustainability for the proposed program?
How well did the applicant describe their plans for collaboration with other agencies and organizations?
TOTAL 100%

Only complete applications will be considered for funding. If you are not sure about your eligibility or would like to discuss which category to apply under, you may submit an inquiry to or contact Verdant at (425) 582-8600.