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12 healthy habits for weight management

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As the New Year often brings renewed hopes and intentions for health, I recently led a class at the Verdant Community Wellness Center on Weight Management. Our topic was “Cutting Through the Hype: What Really Works for Weight Loss” based on the plethora of research on this topic. No, we haven’t found the “holy grail” of macronutrient ratios yet (carbs-proteins-fats), although the internet and media is full of this kind of sound-bite-hype. What we do have is evidence from both clinical trials and real-world successful “losers” as to what behaviors work for long-term and sustainable weight loss. Check out the 2013 Obesity Guidelines for a literature review of the research and the National Weight Control Registry for real-world success stories from over 10,000 individuals whom on average have lost over 70 lbs and kept the weight off for over 5 years.

Weight Management is very complex with multiple influencing factors. Some aspects that influence metabolism and weight are out of our control, such as genetics, gender and age. However, there are many healthy habits that we can cultivate, which are associated with long-term success in meeting and maintaining a healthful weight.

How are you doing with the following 12 Healthy Habits?

Sleep, Activity, Screen Time & Sitting, Dietary Patterns, Portion Distortion, Mindful Eating, Hydration & Liquid Calories, Fiber, Stress Management, Support System, Tracking/Journaling, and Goal Setting

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These Healthy Habits for Weight Control are not glamorous quick-fixes. They are unlikely to lead to rapid weight loss….thankfully, as we know that a healthful rate of weight loss is between 1/2 – 2 lbs per week, per the National Institutes of Health guidelines. What they can do for you is provide multiple avenues to address this complex endeavor in ways that are sustainable and can become integrated into your overall lifestyle. Be positive, be persistent and get the support you need to reach your goals!

Good Luck and Cheers to a Healthy 2017!
~ Megan, MS, RDN, CDE


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