• You have many choices when it comes to your health. What you eat, how active you are, and how you respond to stress each have an effect. Let these tools and resources help you get started.

Health Tips

Keep anxiety from controlling your life

Everyone worries and feels anxious at times. But if you suffer from severe anxiety, it can threaten to take over your life.

Teaching yourself ways to relax can help settle anxiety before it starts to overwhelm you.

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Fitness program: 5 steps to get started

Are you thinking about starting a fitness program? Good for you! You’re only five steps away from a healthier lifestyle.

Starting a fitness program is one of the best things you can do for your health and can reduce your risk of chronic disease and more.

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Enlist these foods to help prevent cancer

Plant foods, which contain antioxidants, may help reduce your risk for many cancers.

Try to eat approximately 2 cups of fruit, 2½ cups of vegetables, and plenty of grains, of which half should be whole grain, each day.

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